What Should You Consider When Choosing a Body Piercing Jewellery Supplier?

Don't be tempted to buy cheaper body piercing kits in the name of saving some money and increasing your profits. You might end up putting the health of your customers at risk, which can land you in legal problems. You might also soil your brand name, and your piercing kit business may fail. Here's what you need to know about choosing a body piercing jewellery supplier:

Sanitation: Sterilised Body Piercing Kits

Various signs tell you that you are purchasing quality and sterilised body piercing supplies. Look for sterilised colour-changing pouches that have sterilisation dates on them. This is important because body piercing equipment comes into contact with body tissue and blood circulatory systems. If they are contaminated or not sterile, bacteria can access your body and you can easily suffer from an infection. Most infections are treatable, but severe ones can lead to death.


Has the body piercing kit supplier complied with the necessary sanitation bodies and holds certificates or licenses to prove that it has? This is also a guarantee that you will get sterilised supplies; ensure you request for those certificates and licenses, and don't forget to check their validity.

Technology Advancement

There are usually constant innovations and inventions coming up every day. Does your body piercing kit supplier keep up with the latest and improved body piercing innovations? This indicates that the supplier is completely invested in body piercing supplies and wants the best for his or her customers.

Does The Supplier Offer Training?

Find out whether the body piercing kit supplier offers free training on the correct use of a body piercing kit. There should be a detailed video as well for better understanding. He or she should also offer guides and training on aftercare to prevent infection and enhance quicker healing. This shows that that supplier cares for the customer's health and is not just after your hard-earned money.

How Many Businesses Does the Body Piercing Kit Supplier Supply To?

You might have to get this information from your supplier. If you find that they supply many businesses and most of them always come back, that is a good sign. You might also want to check their reputation of the supplier on social media. A high number of positive comments is a good sign. Keep an eye out for many complaints; avoid such suppliers because you might put the health of your customers at risk.

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